Digital Marketing and The Music Industry

According to Raffi Keuhnelian, CEO of MusicPromoToday, “Social media has allowed musical talents from around the world to become global superstars. Just think of Justin Bieber, Adele or The Weekend–they all ‘made it’ online. It also offers music fans the ability to interact and engage with their favourite musicians.”

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Crackdown on protests threatens Ethiopia’s economic boom

Foreign investors, notably from China, have this year ploughed $2.5bn into an economy that has experienced double-digit annual growth over most of the past decade. But behind the façade, cracks are appearing in the model that helped Ethiopia become one of Africa’s star economic performers. The consequence for the authoritarian government, which derives much of […]

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Does Influencer Marketing Deliver?

Francesca Cruz, VP of Sales for TapInfluence, once said, “Great content is expensive to create and yet it rarely gets seen because most companies publish it on their own channels. Brands end up paying for distribution and content creation. Influencer Marketing, however, delivers both content creation and distribution for a much cheaper price, is more […]

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Music Marketing 2015

What Can Brands  Learn from Top Music Marketers, from Adele to Drake?   Dominated by the battle and evolution of streaming platforms, this year has been another turbulent one for the music industry. Adele’s “25”  album launch was executed brilliantly, and according to Nielsen Music it sold a record 3.38 million copies during its first week. […]

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Eating snakes,Eating Grass, wads of cash…where does it all end?

At a South African church rightly called “Incredible Happenings”, the pastor believes that he can exorcise demons from his female followers by sticking his fingers in their private parts in full view of his congregation. In a popular church based in Nigeria – where 84 people died after the collapse of one of the church buildings – […]

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Thank you Papa :)

Hi guys, finally decide to join the blogging world and my first post is definitely dedicated to my Papa. Dear Papa, You are my number one. I wish you knew how much i love you i think everyday i wake up the first person i pray for is you. You have been my best friend […]

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