Does Influencer Marketing Deliver?

Francesca Cruz, VP of Sales for TapInfluence, once said, “Great content is expensive to create and yet it rarely gets seen because most companies publish it on their own channels. Brands end up paying for distribution and content creation. Influencer Marketing, however, delivers both content creation and distribution for a much cheaper price, is more … More Does Influencer Marketing Deliver?

Political tweeting in Africa: #WhatWouldMagufuliDo

In his first few weeks, the new president cancelled independence day celebrations, went litter-picking and turned up at the ministry of finance to make sure staff were actually coming to work. The result, on Twitter, was a hashtag, #whatwouldmagufulido, full of pictures of dubious money-saving ideas: a wooden cart acting as a wedding limousine; a … More Political tweeting in Africa: #WhatWouldMagufuliDo

Music Marketing 2015

What Can Brands  Learn from Top Music Marketers, from Adele to Drake?   Dominated by the battle and evolution of streaming platforms, this year has been another turbulent one for the music industry. Adele’s “25”  album launch was executed brilliantly, and according to Nielsen Music it sold a record 3.38 million copies during its first week. … More Music Marketing 2015

Why the future of video marketing is mobile

As audiences have transitioned from traditional media to desktop and now mobile, the concept of premium becomes subjective and more difficult to define, because it ultimately comes down to ability to target and engage with audiences. There are, of course, attributes that would mark out a publisher’s video inventory as superior. These include the quality … More Why the future of video marketing is mobile

You should be using hashtags for your business.

Hashtags are such a prominent part of online culture today that it’s rare to find anyone who doesn’t know what they are. The proliferation of hashtags is truly incredible. What began on Twitter has now spread to Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Google search, and almost everywhere in between. Even LinkedIn experimented with hashtags for awhile before giving up. By … More You should be using hashtags for your business.