Music Marketing 2015

What Can Brands  Learn from Top Music Marketers, from Adele to Drake?


Dominated by the battle and evolution of streaming platforms, this year has been another turbulent one for the music industry.

Adele’s “25”  album launch was executed brilliantly, and according to Nielsen Music it sold a record 3.38 million copies during its first week. Adele smashed the previous record-holder NSYNC by over a million copies. Her single “Hello” also broke the record for the most-watched video on Vevo in 24 hours, racking up 27.7 million views.  Adele backed her influence and refused to offer the album via streaming services to maximize revenue. Aside from the traditional media approach, there are two things I loved about her launch. The first is how she threw a free concert in New York two days before the album dropped and collected millions of fans’ email addresses through the entry process. The second was how she fueled the press buzz with fresh content by taking part in an Adele impersonator contest shortly after the launch.



When Drake’s “Hotline Bling” single came out it didn’t make a huge impact, but then the video was released, propelling it up the charts. Drake appealed to fans to push it to No. 1, but by then the new music queen had returned, so “Hotline” settled at the No. 2 slot. Themusic video is a best-practice benchmark on how to design a music video for the internet. A selection of choreographed dance movies on richly colored backgrounds, it’s screaming to be sliced into gifs and memes and it gave publishers a unique angle to cover.


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