FIRST we eat THEN we do everything else


So you all know how i am a foodie and i eat to enjoy my food not to fill my stomach. If that was the case i think we all know the portions i eat are for jokes. Reminds me this one time my older sister’s boyfriend decided to treat me to Lunch and bought me a whole fish, i could not finish that meal and he vowed never to treat me to a meal again (She left him). That’s how ridiculously small my portions are.

I digress, today i decide to order from my friend Sue’s (I met Sue at a trip to the Maasai Mara and we kicked it off) Ki.chen. No, i did not misspell the word KItchen, Ki.chen is a cartering company that deliver delicious and affordable lunch straight to your doorstop or office. So if you order Ki.chen you either enjoy it al-fresco or al-desko – your choice! (I am having a hard time hyperlinking on here so just click on this link to know more about Ki.chen

I have ordered the Thai Chicken Noodle Salad, its not here yet because i place the order at 1 pm (which does not really resonate with my title since i put everything else before food today, but in my defense it will not pay for itself!) but the fact that this post is going up should tell you how much i am looking forward to the food. I will most def put up a post about it later on this week.

Dear Sue,

Do not let me down 🙂 you know what the say “Good food brings out the Good mood”


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