Thank you Papa :)

Hi guys, finally decide to join the blogging world and my first post is definitely dedicated to my Papa. Dear Papa, You are my number one. I wish you knew how much i love you i think everyday i wake up the first person i pray for is you. You have been my best friend ever since i was born and i love the fact that you know it well enough to keep my secrets. I remember when i was young i’d wait up for you so we could have dinner together and i loved eating off your plate because the food always tasted better from your plate. I still come to lies on your stomach and call it my pillow of comfort, really it is. You have been my source of strength when i am weak, you Papa, you who would spend a whole day in the hospital with me when i am sick and not complain even once, you claim to love it but you and i both know it is a very boring activity. You are the first call i make when i have good news and the first call i make when i have bad news or when i am worried. I love that you have never doubted my strength even for a minute and you always encourage me to follow my dreams (I still want to feature on the cover of Forbes magazine remember that talk?). I could go on and on about you Papa but i guess i just want to say, the older I get the more I can see how much you love mummy and your children and you did the best that you could, still does to make us happy.  I only hope when I have my own family  That everyday I see a little more of you in me. Regards, Nyar Papa 🙂 (Daddy’s girl)


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